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The Healing Path of Least Resistance

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I’ve noticed something in my own life, and have seen it in so many others.  It’s the belief that we need to psych ourselves up for our healing journey, for the necessary diet changes, exercise habits, meditation, etc.  It all feels so effortful, like we need to dig deep into our reserves to make this happen once and for all.  I imagine a boxer in the ring, shifting from side to side, gearing up for a fight. What are we fighting?  Our resistance.

Honestly, it takes more energy from your body to push through life when you aren’t operating at 100% than to make healthy lifestyle choices that support your healing.  It takes energy to contain an illness, to be fragmented, to suppress it, to be in pain.

Take nutrition, for example.  We know, hopefully, that we would feel better if we ate lots of veggies and eliminated processed foods.  But we fight this with all we have!  Does it save you time and energy to have the “what’s for dinner” discussion every day?  Weighing options on what’s the healthiest takeout, the fastest dinner, or just giving into to cravings for pizza?   Or does it actually save you time, and money, to make a big pot of chicken soup and baked sweet potatoes on Sunday and eating this for a few nights?  That sounds easier to me, but surrendering to a healing lifestyle is not as exciting and dramatic as arguing about dinner.

What if you don’t have to psych yourself up at all?  What if you could surrender and save yourself from the effort of that fight?  Resistance feels exhausting.  It’s like putting up hurdles to jump, when you could have just walked.  You know what you need to do.  It doesn’t sound exciting, so you try to add some drama to it.  Just stop.  Trust the process.  Trust that this path of least resistance will open doors to the beautiful, healthy, peaceful life that you deserve.  Recognize when you are resisting (whining, complaining, pouting, feeling sorry for yourself) and choose to love yourself instead.  Get out of your head and into your heart, and follow that soft warm glow.  Choose peace.  No drama, no fighting.  Save yourself the energy for something much better.

Need some help on your journey?  I’m here for you.  

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