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Medical Consultation


Your first treatment consists of a health consultation followed by a full acupuncture treatment. This 90 minute appointment allows ample time to discuss your health history, what has brought you in for a treatment, and any health goals. The treatment plan is then customized to address your needs. Your plan might include some combination of acupuncture, electro-acupuncuture, cupping, heat therapy, herbal medicine and diet adjustments

Back Massage

ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT (with or without electrostim) $85

Acupuncture regulates and repairs the functional systems of the body.  This includes the musculoskeletal, hormonal/endocrine systems, digestive system, cardiovascular and nervous system. It also has an analgesic effect and reduces pain, while simultaneously decreasing inflammation and promoting healing. This is all accomplished through the use of the acupuncture channel (or meridian) system.

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Cupping releases tension and detoxifies stagnant tissues, allowing  fresh, oxygenated blood to perfuse the treated area.  Gua Sha has a similar purpose, but uses a massage tool to “scrape” the skin and release the myofascia.  Oil is used and the skin isn’t harmed.  Both of these techniques can cause a painless, bruised appearance on the skin.

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