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Pain Relief

Besides the obvious discomfort of the pain itself, living with daily pain is emotionally and physically exhausting. When an ache or pain isn't resolved by your usual methods, it's time to seek help from a provider who dedicates her life to helping people get out of pain. 

Acupuncture is Commonly Recommended for the Following Types of Pain

Abdominal pain

Back pain

Bell's palsy

Cancer pain


Facial pain, including TMJ


Frozen shoulder 

Golfer's elbow

Gouty arthritis


Hip pain

Joint pain

Knee pain

Low back pain

Menstrual cramps

Muscles aches

Muscle tension

Neck pain



Periarthritis of the shoulder

Plantar Fasciitis

Postoperative pain



Stress related tension

Tennis elbow

Relieving Pain Naturally

What I appreciate about acupuncture is that it not only reduces pain, it also facilitates healing. The true goal is usually not just numbing pain, but restoring function to the body so that we can go about our days with health and vitality.


While the exact mechanism of acupuncture is not yet fully understood, we know that it can increase circulation, release feel good endorphins, support systemic homeostasis, and reduce inflammation.

The need for drug-free pain relief is recognized nationally. In 2011, the Joint Commission* added non-pharmacological pain management treatments such as acupuncture to their pain management guidelines. That doesn’t mean that hospitals have to offer acupuncture, but it implies that physical modalities such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic should be recommended to patients as an alternative to taking pain medication, and that they have enough scientific research on the effectiveness of the these treatments for pain to feel confident in giving this recommendation.

*The Joint Commission is the principal accrediting agency for health care organizations (e.g. hospitals, cardiac care centers, laboratories). They set standards that health care organizations must follow in order to stay accredited or certified.

No Pain, No Gain? No Thanks

It's extremely important to me that my patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their sessions. Part of the healing response comes from their nervous system being able to settle into a parasympathetic, resting state. This is where healing can occur. Patient comfort is a top priority, and this priority ultimately guides what the treatment looks entails. 

I combine other therapies to each treatment, including herbal oils and liniments, myofascial release techniques such as cupping or gua sha, heat therapies like moxabustion or the TDP lamp, and devices such as electro-acupuncture or microcurrent. 

See "Therapies Used"  for more information. 


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