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Motion Sickness Treatment with Acupuncture

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Help for Motion Sickness

Travelling can be stressful enough, but what if it makes you sick to your stomach, too?  You may be familiar with the acupressure wrist bands (Sea Bands) created for this very purpose.  They can be helpful for calming a queasy stomach.

However, for best results, you can combine the bands with an acupuncture treatment before your trip, and other acupressure tools from your acupuncturist!  I have found a beneficial motion sickness treatment I would like to share with you.

Motion Sickness Treatment

Recently, a woman came to see me seeking prevention for motion sickness.  She has always become extremely ill during air travel.  She has even thrown up on planes.  She was miserable the entire day of the flight.  So, every time she traveled, she knew that her first day would be spent in bed, at the hotel.  I was glad she came to see me for help, but I was pretty confident that acupuncture would help.  We did a health evaluation, so that I could sure to choose the best points for her.  I like to use a mixture of empirical points, ones that have been passed down generation to generation and are proven to be helpful, along with points specific for the person I am seeing.

We used points that calm the stomach, like PC 6 (the one the wrist bands stimulate), Ren 12, and ST 36.  I also used LV 3, which would help her with stress, and KD 27, which I have found to be helpful with morning sickness, so I thought it would be fitting here.  I also did points on the ear that are relaxing and ones associated with the stomach organ.

Ear Seeds for Motion Sickness

After her acupuncture treatment, I applied ear seeds, or ear beads, to the appropriate ear points.  There is even a point associated with the cerebellum that is shown to be useful in motion sickness, so we used that one, too.

I use gold ear beads with a clear adhesive tape.

I use gold ear beads with a clear adhesive tape.

She reported back that she felt great on her flight out.  For her flight back, she found an acupuncturist to reapply ear seeds.  This was helpful, but she seemed to do better on her flight out than her way back.

Since this worked so well, she came back before her next vacation.  I did a very similar treatment with acupuncture and ear beads, but this time I sent her home with small magnets taped to KD 27.  I told her how to find the point, so that she could reapply for the trip home.

She had great results with this, and was even able to read on the plane!  Fantastic!

Do You Experience Motion Sickness?

Do you know someone who suffers from motion sickness while travelling?  Please pass this post along to them.  I would love to help them travel comfortably.  Try to schedule your acupuncture treatment the day of, or the day before, your travels.

DIY EarSeeds are available!

Did you know you can use ear seeds at home?

Yep. You can buy a kit online that include the seeds (or Swarovski crystals!), tweezers to apply them, and a chart that tells you exactly where they go. This is perfect for applying the seeds whenever you need them. If you’re not able to see an acupuncturist before your trip home, or if you just want to be ready for anything, this kit is for you.

Just click the button bellow and scroll down to find the Motion Sickness kits.

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