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Are you ready to be spring?

Are you in harmony with the energies lit up in spring? In other words, are you clear about the direction you’re headed, and are you able to move towards it without frustration and chronic stress?

In spring, plants are busting out of the ground. There is rapid growth upwards to the sunlight. Plants tend to conserve energy by finding the path of least resistance. The flexibility of living things allows for a change of plans, and movement around obstacles. How are you handling the obstacles in your path? Are you trying to break down every wall, or are you finding a window? Can you stay open to the realm of infinite possibilities, instead of rigidly, stubbornly pushing into obstacles?

Chinese medicine recognizes that the forces ruling nature are ruling us as well. The energetic forces in spring exist in us as our liver and gallbladder systems. The liver holds our vision and plan, and the gallbladder helps to carry it out. These “wood” systems also rule our tendons and ligaments. When they are healthy, they allow us to be strong, yet flexible, like a tree.

Liver qi stagnation is the most common pattern seen in clinic. The energetic forces of spring in our body are not flowing freely. Instead of flexibility, we feel resistance. Instead of joyfully bursting forth in our lives, we feel stuck, resentful, and frustrated.

The liver qi stagnates due to:

*a rigid mindset, and thoughts that don’t serve us *suppressed emotions we don’t have the tools or discipline to work through *lack of exercise *lack of meditation and reflection *feeling stuck in a job or relationship *not eating vegetables *processed, preservative and chemical laden foods *trans-fats found in foods with a long shelf life, and rancid fats in other snack foods *eating too much cheese or fried foods *drinking too much alcohol (one drink/day is too much for many people)

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, fresh foods, yoga, and meditation are the all star team for getting your liver qi flowing smoothly again.

Learn how to bust out of this stressed out, stagnant pattern this Sunday!

If you would like to learn more, join us for our Spring Health Essentials Class this Sunday, March 22nd, at 11:30am. More info Here.

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