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Aging Gracefully with Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I believe that the right diet, exercise, and stress reduction can keep us looking and feeling great.  It’s a lifestyle that is best started young.   However, I don’t believe in magic pills, and I think people stress themselves out trying to find one.  That just adds to the problem.  Health takes work, there is no way around it.  An important question for some people is, "What is causing you to look or feel older than your years in the first place?"

The Real Cause of Premature Aging

So, what is the real cause of premature aging?  Genetics play a role. We’re given part of our essence from our parents (and their parents).  We have to do our best with what we’re given. We also have the opportunity everyday take great care of ourselves. Why are so many people feeling worn out before their years? Why are so many women hitting peri-menopause in their late 30’s instead of their late 40’s? Why are degenerative illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis increasing at astonishing rates?

Good circulation of clean, oxygenated, nutrient rich blood is the key to healthy aging.  When there is any blockage to your circulation, that part of the body suffers.  Wastes accumulate, your tissues aren’t fed, and pain and disease develop.  Your skin lacks a glow, because it’s not being fed.  Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have a dark cast on their faces?  That is from bad circulation.


Exercise benefits the blood circulation, which gives us a glow and prevents disease.  Regularly moving throughout the day is best.  Exert yourself enough to feel warmed up, and a very light sweat.  You may also be interested in learning more about High Intensity Interval Training, which has been found to increase the amount of an anti-aging hormone in your body.  If you live in Denver, there are countless places to move your body, both indoors and out.  And don’t forget-it’s fun, too!

Acupuncture and Herbs

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can also do wonders to improve circulation and bring nutrients to all parts of the body, even the organs.  Acupuncture is used to clear blockages from congested areas as a way to restore health.  It’s the perfect anti-aging medicine.  Some herbs are nourishing, while others promote circulation, and some even help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.  These are prescribed on an individual basis, for your unique needs, so it is best to find a Licensed Acupuncturist with Herbal Training, like me.


Let’s touch briefly on nutrition and anti-aging.  People are often overfed, but undernourished.  Just measuring your nutrition in calories, protein, and grams of fat is ineffective for ensuring you are nourished.  Yes, you are consuming enough “mass,” but that is only part of the story.  To look radiant beyond your 20’s, those vitamins and minerals found in fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods are key.   You can find more information on eating this way in my Nutrition Basics article.

Spiritual Health

There is something much more fundamental that ultimately determines how youthful we are and appear, which is the extent to which we feel inner peace, relaxation, and that everything is Okay.  The most attractive, youthful people I see are those that let their inner radiance shine forth.  You can see it in their eyes, and their smile.   If we forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then we won’t be fully awake and alive within our skin. Being full of vitality makes you attractive and magnetic.

Do you want to find anti-aging answers that will give you this level of vitality, or are you looking for a magic pill or potion?   If  you are looking for the real deal, and I hope you are, add meditation into your daily routine.


Start with this: every night before bed, set you smartphone timer for 5 minutes.  Make sure the alarm is soothing so you don’t feel shocked when it goes off.  Start the timer, and close your eyes, sitting up with your back straight, yet relaxed.  Notice your breath coming in, filling your belly as your diaphragm stretches down, then filling your lungs.  Release this breath, and feel your whole body relax.  Continue.  If your mind wanders, you will notice, and you will bring it back to your breath.  Let go of all worries.  Your only job for these three minutes before bed is to breath, and to remember what it feels like to be home in your body.  That’s it!  No biggie.  Please commit to this every night before bed, and see what happens.

Chinese medicine has thousands of years of anti-aging studies behind it.  I’m grateful that I was called to practice this medicine here in the west. 

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