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Natural Allergy Relief

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


Over the counter drugs

While some people do well on over the counter allergy medications, many people feel tired, dried out, and even anxious on them.  New evidence shows that anticholinergic drugs, like benadryl, shouldn’t be used long term, either.  Study participants who took them for three years or more had a 54% higher incidence of dementia (read more).

Holistic ways to decrease allergies

We can do what we can to avoid exposure to environmental allergens, but who wants to live inside next to an air filter all summer?  Allergy attacks are caused by a build of inflammatory compounds in the body, especially histamine. Getting your inflammation levels down will help you be less reactive to the grass, pollen, or whatever triggers you.   Acupuncture is a safe, effective way to reduce the inflammation that causes allergy flare ups.  It acts locally to help drain congested sinuses and reduce swelling and itching.  It also works holistically and benefits the entire immune system.

Treating the underlying cause from a holistic approach

Another consideration in treating allergies is adrenal fatigue.  When our bodies under constant stress, either by lifestyle or improper diet, we get into a pattern referred to as adrenal fatigue.  Common signs are feeling a mid-day energy slump, and sometimes getting a second wind when you should be getting ready for bed.  

In order to heal allergies at the root, your body needs to be restored and healed.  You can see why, over time, allergies can just keep getting worst.  Trying to cover up symptoms with drugs becomes less and less effective if you’re not treating yourself from the holistic perspective.  

Acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements, and a balanced diet will work together to treat both the symptoms and the underlying issues that are contributing to your allergies.  There are no side effects, and you’ll feel better in so many other ways as well!  

Other benefits to receiving acupuncture for allergies include:

  • improved energy level

  • better quality of sleep

  • improved digestion

  • better mood

  • less stress

If you’re ready to choose the holistic way to better health, set up your appointment and let’s get started.

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