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Three Things You Can Do To Support Your Lungs Today

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

With Colorado cities currently rating as some of the most polluted in the world right now, you're probably wondering what you can do to counter the negative effects of bad air quality. Here in Denver, we are dealing with wildfire smoke, ozone from the hot weather, and moderate to high levels of ragweed and other allergens. These can all lead to irritation in the respiratory tract along with other symptoms such as fatigue.

Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to support your lungs and overall health.

  1. Eat the Rainbow. When you're deciding what to eat and drink, pick the most nutrient dense and colorful options. These foods contain natural antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin C. Your body needs these compounds to clean up all the free radical damage from the ozone and toxins in the environment. They can also support the immune system and reduce allergy symptoms. So, if you have the option of a burger or a salad for dinner, choose the salad! Fruits, veggies, diluted cranberry or pomegranate juice, plain green tea, and even coffee are great options.

  2. Be Strategic About Being Outside. Ozone levels are lowest in the morning before the sun is blazing. Keep an eye on the Air Quality Index (AQI) and stay indoors when it's at dangerous levels. You can also look at the air quality forecast to try to plan the best time for your outdoor exercise

  3. Mop and Wipe. Allergens and particulates end up on surfaces, where they can be stirred up as you move around the house. Make a daily habit of a quick swiffer-type mop on hard floods and wipe down of surfaces with a microfiber cloth to avoid them becoming airborne.

Longer Term Goal...Make an investment. Summers aren't likely to get less hot or less polluted. Do you what you can to buy some sort of air conditioner at least for your bedroom at night. If you have air conditioning, consider purchasing an air purifier for your bedroom. Then at least you will have the best air possible for the 1/3 of your day that's spent sleeping. If this is out of your price range right now, make a plan to start saving for next summer.

If you have sensitive lungs due to asthma, COPD or have allergies, acupuncture can help! Schedule now to support yourself during this challenging season.

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