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Autumn Meditation Mudra

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Gyan Mudra Compliments Your Fall Meditation Practice

A mudra is a hand position that is often used in meditation practices.  There are many different mudras, and each has a different affect on the body.  Everyone is familiar with the “prayer position” of the palms held together, often in front of the heart, used in many religious traditions during prayer.  This is an example of a mudra.  Mudras can help us feel centered and calm, which helps us sit in  meditation more easily.  They can also have positive effects on our physical bodies, by connecting and balancing our energy circuits.

In my meditation this morning, I was reminded of how beneficial the Gyan Mudra is for meditating in autumn.  The Gyan Mudra is familiar to most people, and consists of connecting the fingertips of the thumb and first finger.  It helps to deepen your breath, focus your attention, and bring a sense of peaceful awareness to the moment.

Fall is the Metal/Air season. Metal:

  1. physically corresponds with the lung and large intestine systems.

  2. emotionally corresponds with courage, grief and sadness

  3. mentally corresponds with letting go

The channel pathways of the lung and large intestine systems move between these organs, and the thumb and first fingers.  By using the Gyan Mudra, you are connecting and activating these energy circuits!

I notice when using this mudra that my breathing deepens and slows.  I’m able to let go of troublesome thoughts easily.  I feel calm and centered.  These effects correspond with what we would expect from activating the lungs and the Metal/Air element.

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