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Summer Classes: Fire, Heart Health, and Natural Remedies for Anxiety


If you are feeling anxious or disconnected from life, it’s time to give your heart the attention it’s craving.

In this class, we will explore natural ways for you to feel calm and joyful. Learn a holistic way to take care of your heart with:

Food | Herbs | Acupressure | Essential Oils | Meditation

Make & Take Essential Oil Blend for Anxiety $20 class fee

Like all of the Seasonal Health Essentials Classes, we will be exploring the ruling energy of the season, which is Fire in Summer. Fire is also alive in our body in our Heart, blood vessels, and small intestine. Our shen, spirit, resides in the heart, and so anxiety is a pertinent subject for heart health in Chinese medicine. Come learn about eastern nutrition, philosophy, and acupressure points, and take home essential oils you can use to stimulate these powerful points!

Register at, or at least personally email me before the class, so we can be sure to have enough essential oil supplies :)

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