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Spring Newsletter: Foods that fight stress AND allergies

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Spring Energizes the Liver

In Eastern medicine, the human body is known to be ruled by the same forces as nature. As hard as some try to rule over nature or rise above it, we are in fact a part of nature, the earth, and the universe. The same natural rhythms that enliven a seed and push a sprout through the dirt are acting on us as well.

Spring-like Forces Exist in Your Body

The Liver/Gall Bladder systems of the body have the potential to be an energizing force within us, always guiding us towards the sun and to maximizing our potential growth. This can only happen 1) with lots of nutrients in the body to work with and 2) without emotional and physical sludge getting in the way.

Nutrients to Enliven the Body and Reduce the Allergy Response

See my Resource page Liver Qi Stagnation Diet to see which foods enliven this important system. You may notice that many of the foods for the liver, such as dandelion greens and sprouts, are naturally abundant this time of year. These “liver foods” are also anti-inflammatory and often anti-histamine, so eat up if you have allergies. While these foods are good for most people this time of year, signs you need this diet include irritability, short-temper, headaches, PMS, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ, many digestive issues, and more.

Clear-Out Emotional Sludge

Daily practices to process and release emotional build up are essential to our health. Our physical pain and tension usually has an emotional component as well. For example, while the posture of a desk job certainly increases neck, shoulder, and jaw tension, these areas are also holding onto frustrations with our bosses, clients, and deadlines.

Every day, be sure to move your body and work up a light sweat. Pick activities you enjoy because they feel good, they’re social, or because you are satisfied by the challenge they bring.

The breath is also an essential tool for destressing, and you can use this in seated meditation and while moving. Imagine beautiful light filling your body while you inhale, and a cloud of old emotional gunk leaving as you exhale.

Another useful tool is journaling. Writing out what is on our minds leads to valuable insights and expresses our emotions, desires, and hurts. Ending your journaling sessions with a list of 5 things you are grateful for is a wonderful way of ending on a positive, uplifting note.

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