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Post-Holiday Food Fixes

I don’t know about you, but I tend to over indulge on holiday weekends.  Depending on your tastes, the Fourth of July means barbecue, apple pie, ice cream, soda, beer and cocktails.  It could be a little hard to get out of bed and start a new week after that.  If you are feeling sluggish, and bit rounder around the middle, try these recipes full of flavors that will clean out your liver, boost your digestion, rid your arteries of sludgie fats,  and clear your mind of food coma fog.

​Celery Apply Salad This incredibly tasty salad contains many cleansing ingredients, including celery, apply, parsley, and lemon.  Get the recipe from Daikon-Carrot Salad Daikon and carrot are a powerful combination that clears out mucus and built up residues caused by over eating foods like cheeseburgers and potato chips.  Daikon contains enzymes that digest fat and carbohydrates, and is considered by some to be the ultimate “fat-flushing” food.  Try this recipe from the Food Network. Mung Bean Soup Mung beans are another detoxifying food, revered in eastern nutrition.  Try this ayurvedic recipe from to cleanse and support the body, like a diet reset button.

Try adding these soup and salad recipes to your diet this week, and see if you recover from the holiday weekend faster.

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