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Mind-Body-Spirit Immune System Care

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Mind, Body and Spirit Immune System Care

This past month+ has been quite the emotional roller coaster. A global event like this can trigger our old emotional wounds, on top of the ever present fear of illness and shock over rapid life changes. I’m very blessed to be spending my time in a warm and loving home. I hope that you are, too.

One of the most positive aspects of the shut down for me has been the generosity of many people in the health and wellness world who are freely sharing their expertise in order to help others. My favorites include:

~Renowned Chinese medical practitioners who have been giving free lectures online. I’ve learned A LOT about using herbal medicine to treat people with viral infections. ~For Western medical info, I follow Dr. Perlmutter on Facebook and watch his daily updates. ~I’ve used Charlie Goldsmith’s online program that he has been offering for free during this crisis. I strongly recommend his videos on The Emotional Processing Technique found in the “Get Started: 72 Hours of MGH.” I wish EVERYONE would learn how to do this. You can sign up for the program by clicking here.

Prevention is Key

What’s becoming extremely clear is how important it is to be your healthiest self BEFORE a pandemic. Health outcomes are much worst for those with Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and compromised lung and kidney function. Most of these are preventable diseases caused by inflammation from the wrong diet and lifestyle.

We have a long road ahead of us. We all need to step it up and do our best to strive for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Consistently. You are responsible for yourself, and I am here to help you. Here are some things that can dramatically benefit you.

Mind-Body-Spirit Health:

~Get sunshine ~Put your feet on the bare earth ~Start a garden, get your hands in the dirt, watch things grow, eat fresh food ~Try making (and eating!) fermented vegetables like sauerkraut ~Start a 10 minute morning meditation habit (I like the Calm app, use the MGH program I linked to above for free, or the one I linked to below for self-love) ~Practice gratitude daily ~Practice self-love and acceptance ~Eat your veggies ~Avoid sugar and processed grains/processed foods.

These activities will help you to have a healthy inner environment that is more resilient to stresses coming from the outside world. We are can’t live in isolation forever.

We are designed to interact with our environments and it is up to us to change and adapt to live in harmony with nature.

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