Easy Peasy Breakfast

Looking for a fast, nutritious, filling breakfast?  This has been a personal challenge for me.  I feel best when I avoid wheat, dairy, eggs, and have a low sugar diet.  That basically rules out breakfast, right?  Occasionally I’ll make a vegetables and chicken sausage, or a ground turkey hash, but I like to limit my meat intake, too.  If you can relate to any of this, I think you’ll appreciate my new breakfast.

This is a simplified version of Dr. Mercola’s breakfast.  You can check out his version here.


We love this fiber mix at our house.  It’s a great before bed snack, and tastes good with a little bit of OJ and water, mixed in the blender.  I found the protein powder at Costco, on sale, and it’s pretty tasty.

To make the breakfast, I use a half serving of each powder, mixed with water or almond milk.  I use my old Magic Bullet (like the Nutribullet) to blend it up.  Usually, I let it sit for about 15-30 min. to thicken up, and then I eat it with a spoon.  You don’t have to do this, but it makes it more satisfying and filling.  I usually have a piece of fruit between this breakfast and lunch.

Benefits of this breakfast:

  1. High in fiber.  Fiber is important for heart health, healthy digestion, weight management, and hormone balance (flax clears excess estrogen from the body, which helps PMS symptoms)

  2. High in protein. Getting protein throughout the day supports your adrenal glands, and gives you sustained energy that lasts all day.

  3. Blood sugar balance.  Fiber, protein, and low glycemic meals keep your blood sugar balanced, which prevents mood swings, energy dips, and that dreaded 2am wake-up cycle.

Are you struggling with low energy, allergies, digestive upset, or simply need support on your path to greater health?  Chinese medicine can help, and I would love to be your acupuncturist.

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