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Acupuncture Detox?

Can acupuncture detoxify the body? Acupuncture helps with pain and illness, which are often caused by toxins, inflammation and even past emotional trauma.   Acupuncture actually does stimulate detoxification as a way to promote balance and healing. It does so in many different ways, including:

  • Benefiting organ function for more efficient detoxification and metabolism

  • Down-regulating the release of inflammatory chemicals

  • Removing obstruction in the natural flow of circulation to remove accumulation of waste products

  • Increase peristalsis in the intestines to promote bowel movements

  • Increase urination

  • Signals the body to dredge out stored toxins from deep within the joints

  • Lightens the load of emotional baggage

Not every acupuncture treatment will promote detox. There are specific points that when used together can have powerful effects. The treatments can be gentle so the receiver feels better, not worst.

However, for deep toxins in the joints (like arthritis), many treatments are necessary and there’s also a possibility of a purging of old gunk out of the body. These deep treatments are discussed before doing them to make sure that they are in the in the patient’s best interest.


Cupping is also considered a detoxification technique. Cupping (and also gua sha) is used on congested areas of the body. This congestion, or "sha," can be detected by pressing the skin and seeing the skin turn red. You might also see white fingerprints where the skin was pressed, surrounded by red or pink skin. This sha is then brought out to the surface with cupping or gua sha, where it can then be removed from the body through its normal elimination pathways. When the congestion is released, fresh circulation can permeate the area and allow healing to occur.

Are you interested in detoxifying your body with acupuncture?

I'd love to help you reach your health goals!

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